Noerah Alvi

I am an architect and iOS developer from New York. I studied architecture and work as an architect but have always been inspired by technology and computers.  After upgrading to the first iPhone from a flip phone, I was moved by the melding of aesthetics and technology in this small device, and everything changed for me after that.  I knew that I had to design for this beautiful platform.  After a few years of deliberation I studied computer science and now am on my way to achieving my aspiration.

You can find my personal portfolio of art, 3-D modeling, animation and photography here.

Story of Scala

One day in a meeting for an architectural project outside the office, I needed the architectural scale to measure a drawing, but didn't have one at hand.  I later looked in the App Store and could not find such an app.  That was the day I realized that my first app would be an architectural scale.  I started by writing methods to convert decimals into feet and fractional inches, followed by algorithms for drawing undulating lines of a scale.  The evolution of this app dictated that I add Engineering and Metric scales as well. I took it a step further than expected and developed variable scale so drawings of unknown scales could be measured.  Scala has truly become the app that I use daily for my work. 

How-To Video