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Scala Architectural and Engineering Scale provides a new way to measure printed drawings on the go and at your desk. It includes standard imperial architectural, metric architectural, and engineering scales in a handy app. You can also create custom variable scales in case your drawings aren't to a known scale. There is also a slider that does the measuring for you.

  • FIXED SCALES - If you know the scale of a drawing, place your device on the drawing, scroll to the scale of the printed drawing and watch the chosen scale slide in.
  • VARIABLE SCALES - If the scale of a drawing is unknown, slide your finger on the variable scale and match the scale of one known element, lock it and use it to measure all elements on that drawing.
  • MEASURING - Slide the measurement slider in fixed or variable scale modes, along the scale to see the desired measurement displayed.
  • SECONDARY UNITS - Choose secondary units to be displayed while measuring, to quickly convert between metric, decimal feet and feet and inches.
  • PRECISION - Control the precision of the measurement units.


Noerah Alvi, AIA | Programming, design and graphics
I am an architect and iOS Developer, based in New York.

One day in a meeting for an architectural project outside the office, I needed an architect's scale to measure a drawing, but didn't have one at hand.  I later looked in the App Store and could not find an app that fit my needs.  That was the day I realized that my first app would be an architectural scale.  I started by writing methods to convert decimals into feet and fractional inches, followed by algorithms for drawing undulating lines of a scale.  The evolution of this app dictated that I add Engineering and Metric scales as well. I took it a step further than expected and developed variable scale so drawings of unknown scales could be measured.  Scala has truly become the app that I use daily for my work. 


Release Date

Version 1.0 | Released April 22, 2016
Version 1.1 | Updated June 5, 2016                Version 1.1.1 |  Updated June 27, 2016            Version 1.2 | Updated September 12, 2016


Download app images here


Free download with in-app purchase for $2.99


iOS 9.1+ | Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch 



alvi at steeltreelabs dot com


If you have ever showed up at a meeting without a scale, you will want to buy Scala. This app is a life-saver — you’ll always have a scale with you.
— Michael Noll,
Scala Architectural and Engineering Scale is a must have app for architects, engineers, or any professional that needs precise measurements anywhere.
— Readers' App Reviews - May 2016 |

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